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Glanceable watchface (2013)

Watchface for Pebble smartwatch.
Featuring: gleanceable UI
Contribution: everything (own project)

Snupps app (2013)

Multi-platform app (iOS, Android and Web).
Featuring: Responsive Design
Contribution: Meaningful transitions design and prototyping (built ad-hoc tools)

BBC Passive News (2013)

Personal research project aimed to find a better alternative to 24h news channels when the content is consumed passively.
Featuring: gleanceable UI and HTML5
Contribution: everything (own project)

Cirque Le Soir iPhone app (2013)

Heavily branded iPhone app for a serial award winning nightlife group. Staging parties around the world and owning clubs in London, Shangai, Dubai and more to come.
Featuring: themed games, push-notifications and Facebook integration
Contribution: UX design and development

Club Haus 80’s iPhone app (2012)

Vibrant iPhone app for one of the biggest nightlife brands in Europe.
Featuring: complex animations, real-time camera filters, push-notifications and Facebook integration
Contribution: everything (visual language excluded)

Ubuntu (2012)

Leading Linux-based operating system for desktops.
Featuring: 12M+ user base, attractive look & feel and very powerful capabilities
Contribution: rich interactions design, UI adaptation for multiple form factors and different input methods and web apps UX integration

New Inspiring Tab (2011)

Extension for Google Chrome to passively inspire whenever a new tab is opened.
Featuring: accidental inspiration
Contribution: everything (own project)

SONY Soundville (2010)

Engaging microsite companion of Sony’s Soundville advertisign campaign.
Featuring: complex animations, support for 28 different languages and sound reactive visualizations
Contribution: motion graphics, creative development, technical architecture and direction

R.I.A.P.E. (2009)

Honest synthesis of the first 10 years of research in interactive media by Nuthinking.
Featuring: rich interactions, motion graphics
Contribution: everything (own project)

Chesterfield Art Wall (2007)

Highly interactive kiosk application for festivals across Europe.
Featuring: complex animations, real-time image processing with Adobe Flash, PDF generation with vector graphics
Contribution: creative development