Show me love! (2008-10-03)

You can easily see when people do things with passion and put lots of effort in small details. I’ve been working on GUI for long time because I love it and this love is defintely what I would like to show with my work. I am writing about this because few days ago I saw the love someone else put on building their product, I’m talking about Interface Builder 3.1 from Apple. If you are passioned on GUI as I am, please enjoy this video.

As you can see Apple decided to have 3 visual status for their components:

  1. In the library as a cell.
  2. Dragged as a more detailed element
  3. And in context where the size of the component will adapt to the scenario we are trying to drag to and modify the dummy content accordingly

You can also enjoy the very smooth transitions when filtering the components list.

Isn’t this love?