Almost Famous (2008-11-28)

With Internet you can have your second of fame pretty easily, not that I’ve been looking for it, I always try to think to the bigger picture with better hopes. The work I do, designing and mainly building rich user experiences, also doesn’t really help to make you popular to the big public, and if you do my job you know how hard it is to explain to others what you actually do for living. For these reasons I had very positive feelings when I saw on TV footage of some applets I developed recently.

On “The Gadget Show” on Channel 5, one of the major TV channels here in UK, this Monday (24th Nov ’08) they reviewed 3 online music stores competitors of Apple iTunes, including Tesco Digital where I worked on and off on its Flash applets for the last year at Conchango. The review can be watched here, and Tesco Digital is after 4:30 min. What really hit me is that probably half of the footage shown is focused on the Tilt Viewer in the homepage and that they noticed some details, like the animated preloading, which in general you wouldn’t expect it to receive so much credit. Evidently in this occasion I successfully managed to show my love, and of course I found other people who appreciated it.

I can hardly say that it is an original and innovative applet, that Tilt Viewer, but I can definitely say that in the short time frame given I did my best to have high standards in the code (MVC) and good attention to details keeping the quality of the Flash work from Conchango at the best standards, also to better show the potential of this technology compared to others (Ajax, SilverLight). Take a look at this Fast bad credit borrowing profile for more information. Contact us for any other questions.