Making Art (2013-02-21)

After more than a decade as fulltime employee, and having worked for several companies in Milan and London, last October I quit my job to see if there can be an independent future for me.
I can’t believe already 4 months have passed by! I still feel like I just celebrated my farewell with my last colleagues during what has been de facto my last full day in an office environment since then.

But I don’t want to write about memories, I’d like to talk about the future!

Independence for me was about dedicating more time to ideas and new technologies, something I’ve always done in my spare time, with the hope/confidence that something constructive would come out. A useful product, something properly designed to solve a problem, definitely not Art!

Despite I had fun raising some questions myself in the past, that’s a way to describe Art, it has been a while I have only been focused on answering them. I have many friends who legitimately define themselves as artists, something I always thought differentiated us very clearly. So I always had strong and well distinctive reactions when I heard the word “Art” and I never thought these feelings could have changed in this last month. But so they did.

A month ago I received the last of the presents my very kind colleagues bought me as memory, a fabulous Kindle Paperwhite. I celebrated the event buying a book I had on my wishlist for a while but that frankly I didn’t even remember what it was going to be about. The book in question is the latest from Seth Godin, named “The Icarus Deception”. It turned out pretty ironic that the first book read on that Kindle would have been so reassuring about my decision to seek independency, hence leaving my colleagues behind.

In a nutshell, the book talks about the deception which is handed down about Icarus failing because he didn’t follow the advice not to fly too high to stay safely distant from the sun, disregarding he was also advised not to fly too low to avoid the sea. The book argues that this deception is an example of how our society wants us all to conform to the system, an industrially optimised system. But I don’t want to discuss here the existence of this system and how it is changing. If you are curious, just buy the book. It’s pretty nice to read despite a bit too repetitive for my conciseness obsession.

Something that struck me, and the true reason for this post, was the way Seth talks about Art. Art is making unique work, work that touches others, that makes connections. Art is emotional labor which explore new ground working without a map. It brings risk and joy and fear and love to the table.

Viewing it in this way, I can comfortably say that I am making Art right now. More than ever. What remains to be discovered is if my Art is good enough to fit in this new economy, today.

  • lyricalpolymath

    looking forward to see some of this art. 🙂 It’s never too late…did you know that Francis Bacon started painting around his mid or early 30’s after being a graphic designer for many years? … The booze helped a lot 😉

  • nuthinking

    The connotation of art in my case is about any work done with passion. Not sure you will see anything like what Bacon did from me any time soon! 😉