Passive News (2013-09-03)

I dedicated most of my working life creating rich interactive user experiences but with the proliferation of digital displays it is unavoidably that many of them will operate in a passive mode, maybe becoming active only if engaged (hopefully not all the displays will try to grab our attention talking to us individually, but you never know).

A scenario which I often find deficient is the the typical office reception. Nowadays there are some very fancy entrances to buildings but from my experience the vast majority of lavish offices present at the reception a large size TV with the news channel always on, and the audio off.


Moving images are always a good entertainment and we could probably assume the design of those channels is already considering that sometimes they just run in the background. While the guests will be enough distracted, the exposure to the information that matters will be very limited.
For this reason I envisioned an experience where in few minutes a guest could get a better overall idea on the latest headlines. Hopefully still being as entertained (I am afraid no moving images yet).

Launch demo

If you too are interested by this theme, get in touch so that maybe we can explore it further.


A couple of existing and related projects which inspired me and deserve a mention are News Map and 10×10.